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Sharing Videos with a Counselor, Advisor, or Friend

By default, the videos you record using Big Interview are private, however, in order to improve your skills, it's likely that your counselor or instructor will want to give you feedback on your videos. 

The sharing function allows you to give anyone access to your videos to give you feedback, regardless of whether they have a Big Interview account or not.

1. From the Dashboard, click on "My Videos".


2. You will see a list of the videos you have saved. Select the videos you would like to share and click "Share Selected".

3. Select someone from within your organization or select "Share via email" to share with someone outside your organization.

Share within your organization


Share via email

 4. The person writing your review will see the External Rating Page, where they can give you detailed feedback.

5. If want to revoke access to your video(s), simply select the video and click "Make Private".