When you’re on an interview, you’re going to be asked to talk about instances from your background that highlight a particular competency or skillset. These are “interview stories” and you need to be armed with a few of them at every interview.

Using the S.T.A.R. Method for developing answers to behavioral questions, we’ve created a simple way for you to build these interview stories. It’s called the ANSWER BUILDER module.

Step 1:

Click "Practice" and the "Answer Builder" on the top navigation bar, and you’ll be take to an overview page that highlights the S.T.A.R. approach.


Step 2:

Click GET STARTED. You’ll now be taken to screen with a form for all the major categories that make up your interview story including:

1. Situation / Task (or Problem)

2. Approach

3. Results/Outcome

4. Competencies Demonstrated



Step 3:

Fill each of these sections out and then click SAVE.

Step 4:

To review, edit or export your story click SAVED ANSWERS on the upper part of the ANSWER BUILDER pages.


Step 5:

You’ll then be take to the My Answers section where you can access your story to edit it, or export it as a Word document or simple text file.



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